Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eric Maddox talks about Mission: Blacklist on Pundit Review Radio

UPDATED with the audio

Eric Maddox was interviewed again on Pundit Review Radio for the show's 8th anniversary. He talks about the movie, about Robert Pattinson and his love for our very own BellaSophia3530's name. Yes, we asked and she called the radio and talked live with the blue shirt interrogator himself. We can't thank her enough.

You can listen to the parts he talks about the movie below:

Listen to the full interview here

Here's what they talked about:

Maddox just returned from Afganistan. It's his 8th interrogation tour. And his daughter was born the day after he arrived! Congratulations :))

He said he had the final decision on casting and he approved Robert Pattinson. He said to the producers if they can have a guy like that attached to the movie it's wonderful.

Then BellaSophia was live and she thanked him about his service for our country. He said he loves her name (Maryann) because he has a daughter named Mary. She asked if he met Robert Pattinson. Here's his answer:
“For me, it was a no-brainer. I said absolutely! Whatever you did to get that guy to be a part of this movie, I think it’s wonderful and I fully support it. We’re talking about a guy who is super famous and really popular. We met for 14 hours, and he focused exclusively on the project, and wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of the project. His entire focus was on the project. It wasn’t about him or his needs, and from that, I realized that this is a guy who is dedicated to his work and wanted to put in the hours. That’s what made me certain that they have built the right team for this.”


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  1. Great work guys in finding this opportunity to know more about the man behind the book. Love the words he said about Rob. Added bonus was hearing lovely BellaSophia's voice