Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rob mentions filming Mission: Blacklist in Iraq

UPDATE: Rob mentions filming in Iraq again to Metro:

Your next movie will be with Cronenberg then?
I don't know when exactly we're going to shoot. It will be David's first movie in America. In Los Angeles, to be exact. It will be about the industry of cinematography and I promise that it's going to be really weird. Till then, I'm doing Mission: Blacklist with the French director, Jean-St├ęphane Sauvaire, who did Johnny Mad Dog. It'll be about the search of Saddam Hussein and we want to film in Iraq, in Tikrit, even tho it's complicated. But I'm 26 and it's the kind of thing that tempts me. If someone should do it, it will be me!
You can read the whole interview here and the translation here.

Here's the part about Mission: Blacklist in Les InRockuptibles:

No doubt. It's like those big American filmmakers who have an audience only or mostly in France: Coppola, Ferrera ...
RP: I did an audition for Ferrera one day but I didn't get the role. It was before Twilight. I felt like I accomplished my best performance, I almost broke my arm and he said: 'yeah, okay, not bad.' I left in tears, it was really embarrassing *laughs*! I want to be able to speak French so badly. A lot of things I want to are in French.

Oh really? Like what?
RP: I have a project with Jean-St├ęphane Sauvaire, who directed Johnny Mad Dog. It's called Mission: Blacklist, a movie about the search and capture of Saddam Hussein. And you know what? He wants to film in Iraq. Fuck yeah! Nobody else would have the balls to do that! Everyone wants him to go to Tunisia but he insists: it's happening in Iraq, I'm filming in Iraq. He's right! At least, as long as we don't get kidnapped *laughs*.

You can see the scans and read the whole interview translated here.


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  1. OMG Sooo Excited about Rob doing this movie!!! He is an Amazing Actor & I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! I've seen all of his movies & I know he's going to be Awesome in this one!!! Also, A Special thank you to Eric Maddox!!! Thank you so very much for all that you've done for our Country!!! You are a true hero sir & I salute you!!!